The Dignity for the Journey Program is a unique opportunity to connect with a child who is fighting cancer or a life-threatening illness.

Dignity for the Journey.png

To participate, order a pair (2) of pins by clicking the button below. Once you have received your Dignity for the Journey pins, take them with you on an adventure big or small. You can take them on a long vacation, a weekend adventure, a rollercoaster ride, a hike, or a family picnic, just to name a few! Wherever you go, and whatever you do- take the pins along for the ride. When you have completed your adventure, write a few sentences about your experience and the journey that the pin has been on. Then, keep ONE of the pins for yourself as a symbol of your journey or adventure, and send ONE of the pins back to our office located at:

340 E Coronado Rd, Ste 100
Phoenix, AZ 85004

We will then deliver the pin and the story that we receive to a child who is battling a life-threatening illness.

Participating in the Dignity for the Journey pin program will not only help us to provide support and resources to children and families battling life-threatening illnesses, but it also provides an opportunity for our warriors to feel inspired, encouraged, and connected.

Join the program today! Big hugs and happy adventuring! when I encounter something physically or mentally challenging, I know there is a reason to keep going.
— Dee, Peru Adventure
Amanda was on my mind throughout the day.
— Gary, NASCAR Experience