Donate Supplies

In-kind donations support many of our programs, and we are so grateful for our donors' generosity! 

Wish list:

  • Toys and activities (Ex: puzzles, legos, coloring books, small dolls)

    • Popular characters: Princesses, Mickey Mouse, Moana, Spiderman

    • Special need: Toddler toys (2-4 yrs)

  • Comfort items (Ex: blankets, fuzzy socks, toiletries, etc.)

  • No More Chemo Party supplies (Ex: cake mix, frosting, banners, plates, napkins, silverware)

  • Crazy Car Day supplies (Ex: Remote control cars, toddler toy cars, batteries, etc.)

  • Gift cards (Ex: Dairy Queen, Visa, Grocery, Gas, Amazon, etc.)

  • Office supplies (Ex: copy paper, staplers, sticky notes, etc.)

  • Or shop directly from our Amazon Smile Wish List!

fundraiser ideas:

  • Birthday parties

    • Do you have a child that does not need another toy!? Received two of the same gift? Donate the toys from their birthday party to our charity!

  • Lemonade or Hot Cocoa Stands

  • Give-back nights

    • Do you own a business? Donate a portion of sales one night to Amanda Hope!

Craft ideas:

  • Tissue boxes

    • Hospital tissues are notoriously scratchy and our warriors going through chemotherapy treatments have very sensitive skin. Buy a pack of tissues with lotion and decorate them with your kids or a group of friends!

  • Chemo Covers

    • We collaborate with Anilú's Partners to make chemo covers for our warriors' IV poles when they are in the hospital. Buy some supplies at your local craft store or on Amazon Smile and host a craft night with your kids or a group of friends!

  • Tie blankets

    • Hospital rooms are freezing, and who doesn't love a soft blanket? Buy a couple pieces of fleece, cut some strips along the edge, and tie the two pieces together!

Donations can be mailed or delivered to our office

Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels

340 E. Coronado Rd. Suite 100

Phoenix, AZ 85004


Double your gift by ordering supplies on Amazon Smile, and Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchase to our charity and your purchase will still qualify for your prime subscription!