Lorraine and our team are focused on supporting our families throughout their entire journey with childhood cancer or another life-threatening illness. One way we do that is through advocacy.

We support healthcare professionals to provide Family-Centered care with empathy and understanding, and we help families have a voice and a choice above the harsh protocols often present in the healthcare system.

  • Physicians, nurses, technicians, office and all hospital personnel have a tremendous impact on the health and well-being of the child and their family. While the treatment protocols that professionals must follow are of utmost importance, it is also important that empathy and dignity be a priority at all times in all environments.

  • We develop and distribute educational material focused on helping medical professionals understand Family-Centered care, the strengths of the child and the family, and the fear they are experiencing. Workshops, presentations and speaking engagements at conferences, trade shows, events and hospitals aspire to increase professional sensitivity towards the child as a person not just a procedure, the family struggle, and the importance of listening to the family with empathy and understanding.

Lorraine presenting on Family-Centered Care at the AZMN Fall Cancer Caregivers Conference

Lorraine presenting on Family-Centered Care at the AZMN Fall Cancer Caregivers Conference

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Lorraine was a mom concerned about the pain her daughter, Amanda, experienced when the medical team had difficulty accessing Amanda’s port. Lorraine shared her experience with Bard has joined BD and they developed this incredible port stabilizer to assist with needle insertion.

Amanda’s Influence on the Port Stabilizer on Channel 3’s Arizona’s Family


AMAZING! Thank you Lorraine for your perseverance and strength!
I love this!! Every hospital with an oncology department needs this device!!
This is awesome. I had a sub q port and I HATED when they had to flush it. It was ALWAYS missed, even by line nurses... and it hurt every time.