Amanda Hope Mindfulness Kit

Did you know that Amanda Hope has a Mindfulness Kit? 

Included in this kit are the following fun ways to practice mindfulness for both kids and adults:


Place a stuffed animal (your breathing buddy!) or your hands on your stomach and practice taking big, deep breaths, feeling your stomach get bigger as you breathe in, and get smaller as you breathe out.  When you experience big feelings, you can count on your breathing buddy to remind you to take deep breaths and relax.


Trace the outline of your hand on a piece of paper with a marker or a crayon.  In the outline, draw or writer your favorite activities, people, places, and things.  Then use your finger to trace the outline of your hand.  While you do this, breathe in for 4 counts, hold the breath for 7 counts, and breathe out for 8 counts.  This can help to reduce stress and create deep relaxation.


Use your superhero senses by focusing your attention on each of your 5 sense, one at a time.  Notice what do you see? Hear?  Smell? Taste?  Touch/feel?  What emotion do you have when you do this?  This can help to decrease stress and worry, and increase focus and attention.


Each day write or draw one things that you are grateful for.  Share this with your friends or family, and ask them what they are grateful for too!


Our arizona and Nevada warriors receive a mindfulness kit with their comfycozy, but now you can View the worksheets and try these mindfulness activities for your journey!

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Jessie Swygert