The Mind-Body Connection

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Have you ever noticed a connection between your mind and your body? 

Can our thoughts change how our bodies feel?

Can the feelings in our body change our thoughts?

Can our emotions change how our bodies feel?

Can the feelings in our body change our emotions?

Let’s see….

Take a comfortable seat with your spine straight, your body relaxed, and your hands resting gently in your lap.  Close your eyes if that feels safe and comfortable.

Imagine yourself sitting at your kitchen table.  You have a lemon sitting on the table in front of you.  Imagine you pick up the lemon.  You can feel that it is wet and cold in your hand.  Imagine yourself cutting the lemon in half, picking up one half, smelling the lemon, and biting into the lemon.

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What did you notice?

Did anything happen in your mouth?

How did your body react to the thoughts of biting the lemon?

What feelings or emotions did you notice in your body?

 If there is a connection between our minds and our bodies, how might this affect our everyday lives?  Can you think of any ways that you might be able to make changes in your life, just by being more aware of the connection between your mind and your body? Being mindful of this connection can be a great tool to bring you back to the present moment, to be aware of your senses, and to help you process all aspects of the situation to continue to move forward through this journey.

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Jessie Swygert